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    BeiBei breast real sense nipple

BeiBei breast real sense nipple


Materials: liquid silicone nipple
Size: standard size s, m, flow
Packing: blister equipment


Armpit nipples latex teats and Silicon material difference?

Latex teats and silica gel nipple (breast milk are indeed nipples) what's the difference? Which is better? Two different materials, LaTeX is yellow, soft, with a scent of natural rubber, life is about 3 weeks; silicone nipple is colorless and odorless, anti-aging, life in about 2 months.

Simulation of nipple

1, breast are indeed: baby sucking movement carried out a thorough study now is born, simulation of nipples, and her nipples almost the same. Regularly repeated smooth suck.

2, with a very soft and can be easily elongated features, the baby's tongue as sucking breast of free activities.

3, breastfeeding is not damaged, and breast as regular repeat suck.

4, a design of uplift like the breast, the baby opens his mouth to fully achieve the purpose of sucking motion.

Nipple safe disinfection

1, microwave disinfection

Tip: place suitable for microwave oven containers disinfected, do not use the grill function.

2, disinfection.

3, special disinfection equipment.

4, water disinfection.

Tip: when using the water disinfection. Please use a dedicated pot, the depth of the water, to be able to completely cover all have washed feeding equipment. Plastic utensils, should not be cooked for a long time, it is recommended that water boiling and then in bottle accessories cooking for 315 minutes.

Security considerations

1, in order to avoid baby milk better debater pharyngeal events, always tighten nipple head fastness tests, found the pacifier becomes slightly sticky, big, cracked, or shows signs of excessive wear, please replace immediately.

2, cleaning immediately after use to prevent odor and a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. When cleaning a pacifier, often flip it washed, ensure smooth suction hole.

3, nipples can not be used as toys and pacifiers. Do not let children drink milk without adult supervision.