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    180ML, 220ML wide-mouth bottle

180ML, 220ML wide-mouth bottle


Volume : 220 / 180ml

Packaging : single loaded PP box

BeiBei PP bottle is not only safe and reliable, but also highly personalized in shape.We supply two types of bottle lips for you to choose. high transparent and opaque. Three colors of bottle for you to choose, yeilow, shallow blue and pink.

Cap Type




BeiBei PP automatic bottle with shank is made of heat一resistant food grade PP(polypropylene)raw material, BPA free(environmental hormones), the bottle molding in a iniection blowing process, no milk fouling residual, Avoid the breeding of bacteria, trademrk and scale of the bottle used carving process, completely prevent the ink printing Pollution, safety and harmless, and produced in the GMP standard 100 thousand clean workshop. The bottle is Light and handy. harder to break,Sturdy,non-toxic and easy to clean and so on.

The nipple is made of food grade silicone. does not contain harmful material, extremely high security. It's soft,won't bruise baby's teeth and oral mucosa, feels like mother's skin and breast milk, which can soothe baby's emotionn.

BeiBei PP automatic bottle with shank,when baby learn to drink milk,waler or juice,this can increase the baby hand learning ability, and can arouse baby intend to learnindependenUy. The 360degree auxiliary pipette can ensure the water flow smoothly so the baby can easily suck in any pese and position.



Bottle: transparent PP, the heat of a 20 ~ 120 ℃

Dust cover: transparent PP, the heat of a 20 ~ 120 ℃

Teat: 100% liquid silicone, a heat resistance 20 ~ 120 ℃

Thread: PP, heat resistance of a 20 ~ 120 ℃

Handle: PP, heat resistance of a 20 ~ 120 ℃

Straw platen: transparent PP, the heat of a 20 ~ 120 ℃

Straw PP Ball: PP bag of high quality iron, heat of a 20 ~ 120 ℃

Straw: 100% silicone, a heat resistance 20 ~ 120 ℃

PC plastic bottles, PPSU and PP material difference?

PC bottle: transmittance, lighter than glass bottles, heat-resistant to 100 ℃, easy to produce toxic substance Bisphenol a.

PPSU bottles: belongs to a class of polysulfone, special engineering plastics with high performance, high temperature resistance, resistance to hydrolysis, stable and safe.

PP feeding bottle: PP feeding bottle is light, easy to split; heat very well, does not produce toxic worries, stable and safe.

Dissolution of bottle BPA to be harmful to your health?

Bisphenol a, known as BPA, Bisphenol a synthesis on the industrial PC vinegar (PC) and epoxy resins and other materials. Long-term use of bottles with Bisphenol a can cause endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, precocious puberty-induced, threatened the healthy growth and development of infants.

Only lead

Lead is toxic metals which increased body lead can cause children intellectual development of infants slower, mental abnormalities, particularly ADHD, etc.

Note exhausted

1, check all parts before using, if damaged, replace the product;

2, suggest that if consumption of microwave sterilization, place the bottles, teats in special microwave disinfection apparatus and disinfection according to the instructions for use, boiling sterilization temperature not exceeding 100 ℃;

3, please don't close to fire or high-temperature metal;

4 repeated after cleaning and disinfection, plastic bottles, bottle nipple will wear and aging, recommendation 3 once a month out for good, this is really recommended to baby's health as well as safety and health;

5, after the cleaning of feeding bottles, teats and accessories covered containers in a dry and ventilated, and out of direct sunlight.

Cleaning and disinfection method

1, bottles, teats before using steam or boiled in water disinfection and cleaning, do not use acidic cleaners scrub.

2, nipples from the inside out wash, or side flip a pacifier with a columnar object in order to clean the inner wall.

Special apparatus for 3, baby pacifiers, baby bottles, do not together with other after eating the dishes clean, so as not to coat with oil.